Landscaping and Garden Realization

Our creative department designs and implements landscaping projects. Our designs are conceived to fully respect the character of the buildings, their layout and their arrangement, thus meeting representative standards and providing a pleasant living space as well.

Through the use of graphic design software we gradually integrate the client’s ideas and wishes with our own knowledge and experience. We offer our services both to the public and private sector.

Services offered:

  • Planning and realization of gardens,
  • Recultivation of grounds
  • Laying of lawns (carpet, seeded)
  • Planting of perennial and annual flower beds
  • Planning and construction of automatic irrigation systems
  • Planting of rooftop gardens – extensive, intensive
  • Construction of small ponds and other bodies of water
  • Planting of community greenery as well as design of children’s playgrounds, delivery of recreational equipment, benches, wooden elements
  • Landscaping around shopping centres and industrial facilities
  • Fixed surface areas, packed gravel paths, garden walls, gabions
  • Interior greenery, winter gardens, atriums, supply of containers of various shapes and sizes
  • Furnishing of live plants for building reception areas

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