Maintenance, service and revisions of technical equipment

Based on the contract with the client and in accordance with valid legislation, standards and/or manufacturer instructions, we carry out regular maintenance, servicing and professional inspections, tests and revisions of technical equipment of buildings:

  • Standard and regular operation inspection, including predictive maintenance
  • Equipment operation and operational media refilling
  • Energy consumption monitoring and record keeping, economic operation control
  • Evaluation and adjustment of equipment operational parameters in order to optimize operational costs
  • Professional measuring of technical parameters related to the operation of buildings and equipment, e.g. thermal and visual measuring, electric grid quality measuring, building interior environment monitoring
  • Service inspections, professional inspections and tests, revisions
  • Technological inspections and technical evaluation of the building (analysis of potential crisis situations and their solutions, recommendations for operational system solutions)
  • Provision of new technologies and building technical equipment of buildings units

These services are performed by our own professional employees, but also in cooperation with subcontractors operating in all parts of the Slovak Republic.

Our efficient internal processes and long-standing relations with suppliers enable us to save and optimize your costs.

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