Our values

These are the values we stand for at AB Facility. We look for similar values in our partners. Our values help us achieve success even in a challenging marketplace. They are the basis for what we do, how we do it and, how we behave.

Professional caretaking

We treat the property of our customers as we would treat our own. With this service we help our customers achieve their goals and respond with flexibility to their changing needs.

Creating trust

We conduct ourselves as we would expect from others: in an open, honest and respectful manner. We value our customers and partners. We realize that everything we do affects our environment. Our success is built on an honest and trustworthy approach.


We help each other and we know that our responsibility does not end at the edge of our table. We share information, ideas and experiences. Our collective strength lies in recognising our differences. Together we overcome obstacles and celebrate successes.

Successful people

Behind each success is the work of individuals. We listen to their ideas and, together, grow and develop. We want to be long-term partners with trusting personal relationships for our customers.

Code of Ethics

We see the Code of Ethics as a collection of rules that we as a company intend to observe in our behaviour toward our competitors, suppliers and customers and rules of conduct by which managers and employees within the company abide.