Our System

CAFM – System for submitting your demands

It is our responsibility to ensure the smooth and trouble-free running of your facility. We regularly check the state of the facility and the equipment that pertains to our services and we try to prevent possible problems. We use the Alstanet system to plan our activities and make them more effective.   Alstanet system functions:

HelpdeskRegistering client demands and ordersSupport activities in case of accidents
Information about building technical equipmentPlanning of regular accident-prevention activitiesPlanning of overhauls and servicing
Storage of scanned copies of reports and protocols of activities performedManagement of suppliers´ orders and billsMonitoring of maintenance costs of individual buildings

Operations Control Centre (OCC) – emergency procedures

We provide an Operations Control Centre 24/7/365 – Helpdesk for our clients. We are on constant standby and we are prepared to take rapid action at any time to prepare and, if needed, minimize the extent of existing damage and restore the basic functionality of the component.

Helpdesk.sk@abfacility.com, 0948 242 000

The Helpdesk personnel are trained to correctly determine the priority of individual requirements according to importance, difficulty and operational priorities.

Every client request is recorded in the system Alstanet, along with all information and details needed to correctly resolve the request in the required time period, including status updates (the phase which the management of the request is in at the moment).