Presentation of job opportunities in the company

AB Facility offers various possibilities of employment. Applicants with market experience as well as specialists and experts from specific fields can find employment with us.

Steps of the selection process

Selection of an appropriate position from the list of currently available positions

You can find the current list of positions here – Complete list of currently available positions

You will also find information about available positions on our Facebook page

Sending the CV

If you have found a position that interests you in the list of currently available positions, please send your CV according to the instructions in the listing.

Steps of the selection process

The steps of the selection process vary according to the individual positions, nonetheless you can generally expect the following procedure:

1. CV Evaluation

The materials you send will be evaluated based on the parameters of the given position and in regard to your work experience to date, your level of education and personal characteristics.

2. Structured personal or initial interview

The structure of the interview is aimed at determining and checking your work experience to date, your professional aptitude and abilities, job successes, motivation and plans for the future. Following this, the position you have chosen or a list of currently available positions will be described to you in more detail.

There may only be a single round of interviews directly with your potential supervisor or several rounds. Interviews at our company take two different forms. Either in a single round selection process with the direct supervisor, or in several rounds. The first of these will always be with an employee from the human resources department, who will tell you the next steps.

3. Case study, language tests

In the course of the application process you may be asked to carry out a case study for some positions, or possibly a language test or an English language interview if this qualification is required for the given positions.

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