Integrated facility management – a full range of services in one solution

Many companies on the market today offer individual facility management services, or a package of integrated services – IFM. However, only a few of them can provide integrated facility management services in an efficient way, providing the client with a complex operation and maintenance of his facilities.

AB Facility is an expert in integrated facility management and our long-standing experience has proven its functionality in practice. We cooperate with professionals and experts who work as a team and strive for a complex service provision and optimizing all processes and costs for the client. More about IFM

Our services

facility management

Facility Management

Technical facility maintenance, maintenance, service and revisions of technical equipment…


Cleaning Services

Interior and exterior cleaning, special housekeeping and cleaning services, high altitude cleaning…



Landscaping and garden realization, interior and exterior greenery maintenance…

industrial pipelines

Maintenance, service and revisions of technical equipment

Inspections, testing and revisions…


Energy related services

Audits and advising, building energy certificates, inspection of equipment and systems efficiency…

Sprava bytovych domov

Residential building management

Operational activities, technical activities, economic, legal and business activities

Our system

Náš systém

We use the Alstanet system to plan our activities and increase their effectiveness.

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